Yamaha’s Star in the Making: Matthew Leblanc

Courtesy of Yamaha Racing

Following his third career title at the Loretta Lynn National Championship, Matthew LeBlanc made the highly anticipated bLU cRU move to the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing team towards the end of 2017. It was immediately clear that he had found a successful pairing as he won a title at the Motoplayground Race at Ponca City and consistently finished on the podium in all of his classes at Mini O’s.

Unfortunately, a neck injury derailed the beginning of his 2018 season but LeBlanc returned to action unfazed, completing the road to Loretta’s as well as competing at JuniorMotoX and Mammoth Motocross. He made his way back to the podium at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship and has since shifted more focus to training on the west coast, sharing a training program with the professional riders on the Star Yamaha Racing team under the direction of Gareth Swanepoel. Another minor injury affected the end of the 2018 season, but when LeBlanc got back to full fitness and began riding again, he was surprised by Star Racing’s own Bobby Regan presenting him with a fresh YZ250F one day at the practice track.

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