Women MX World Championship 2020- Rounds 3, 4 and Final at Trentino, Italy

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Long time coming but the wait is nearly over with Infront announcing re-vised Women MX World Championship Rounds for 2020 season. From way back in March, WMX riders lined up at Opening Round at Matterley Basin followed by Round 2 at Valkenswaard the next weekend.

WMX MXGP of Great Britain Photo Credit: MXGP

It was wet, muddy, storm actually at Matterley, yet WMX riders took to the start-line full of determination to gain as many points as possible given the 5 month gap post 2019 WMX Final Race at Turkey.

If 2019 was stellar Championship win for New Zealand’s Courtney Duncan taking 9 wins from 10- 8 on the straight- 2020 WMX season is really one out of the books. Disruptions, changes of venues, uncertainties on how many Rounds and when, has kept everything up in the air til now.

And, wow it is looking good. Double-header Rounds 3 and 4 at Mantova only 3 days apart will really test WMX line-up- and man will they be up for the challenge. There is honestly nothing better than throwing down the gauntlet to a bunch of strong, fiercely determined Women then watching who will rise to the challenge and come out on top!

Taking into account the various disruptions COVID-19 has impacted on the Women’s training and race-time, it would be fair to say the most adaptable, mentally prepared and physically in-tune with switching mind-set to racing from gate-drop will win.

Kiara Fontanesi MXGP of Great Britain Photo Credit: MXGP

So, whose in the game? Current WMX leader Courtney Duncan by 5 points on 90 took double win at Opening Round in MXGP of Great Britain but didn’t have it all her own way at Round 2 in the black sands of Valkenswaard going 4-2.

No doubt, #151 is made of tough stuff, and loves to stand top of podium. For sure next 3 Rounds will test how adaptable the Kiwi is when arriving on Italy’s tracks.

No surprise home-crowned 6x WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi will relish in racing at Mantova double header and Final Round at Trentino. Having finished 3rd on podium at GB followed by 2nd at MXGP of Netherlands, Kiara remains outstanding in her deliverance of performance after year off racing.

Yet, it will be more that shines through in next Rounds for the Italian mum of Skyer. Kiara’s mental capacity to roll with changes, to dig deep when most needed, even under extreme pressure is her winning formula. Final Round at Imola in 2018, when Nancy Van de Ven was oh-so-close to taking the Title is testament to the fact.

The real push of who stays up-front through-out racing will come from Larissa Papenemier currently in 2nd on 85 points, Nancy Van de Ven sitting in 4th, Lynn Valk and fellow rider Shana van der Vlist. If Amandine Verstappen has fully recovered from injury, you can bet the 2019 French Women MX Champion will mix positions up.

Larissa Papenmeier MXGP of Netherlands Photo Credit: MXGP

Full credit to Lare for taking the win at Round 2- it was great riding, real determination to maintain the gap ahead of equally competitive racers from Fontanesi, Van de Ven and Duncan.

No fore-gone conclusions, but most certainly some exciting racing ahead. Thanks to Infront for confirming 3 Rounds for the Women- makes for close racing points-wise, makes for no-mistakes and most importantly places WMX on pedestal for fans watching back at home.

WMX Round 3: Mantova September 27th                                                              Round 4: Mantova September 30th                                                                           Round 5: Trentino November 1st

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