Wanting the win: Motorsport Athletes share the motivation from Lawrence to Duncan

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Wanting the win is no given. It requires a certain type of character, a will, want and desire that burns deep in a person in any given sport.

Motorsport Athletes possess the passion to race, so what makes one want the win more than others?

Dirk Gruebel KTM MX2 Team Manager

Dirk Gruebel KTM MX2 Team Manager

Listening to KTM MX2 Team Manager Dirk Gruebel,  there are riders who train hard yet may not have the talent as another to the rider who has talent yet not the hard training ethic- to have both, that is a potential winner.

For 2017 MXGP MX2 rookie Australia’s Hunter Lawrence says ‘nothing is impossible, there is always a way. I believe it is not if I’ll be a Champion it is when I will be’.

Women Motorsport Athletes equal desire, performance and want for the win to their male counterparts.

From NZ’s WSBK SSP300 Avalon Biddle, to NZ’s WMX Courtney Duncan, both of whom race and have raced against male riders speak up front on taking the challenges on board fighting for the win. Each working through raising performances on the track while staying true to their goals of achieving success.

No less, NZ’s Katherine Oberlin-Brown (nee Prumm) spoke on wanting the Women’s Motocross World Championship Title at age 14. Prumm: ‘I rememeber when I was 14 years writing down my goal of wanting to be World Champion by the time I was 18 years of age’. Quite remarkable vision.

What sets winning Motorsport Athletes apart from competitors rests on strength of character. Going above and beyond what should be deemed impossible, tackling races that test physical, mental and technical abilities of Athletes on changeable terrains.

KTM Ambassador Chris Birch pitches all the qualities of ‘if it excites me, if it’s challenging, and if it’s on a Motorcycle I’m in for the win’.

Kiara Fontanesi 5x WMX

Kiara Fontanesi 5x WMX

Ever appealing to her fan-base 5x Women Motocross World Champion Kiara Fontanesi puts in the hard work, pushes through the lows, embraces the highs yet stays grounded in her approach to racing for the win. Fontanesi: ‘I never look at the past thinking I should of raced like this, or that, I always take the positive from my last race and put plans in place for the next race’.

This Film edit highlights the above Athletes character wanting the win.

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