Virtual Women’s Motorcycle Conference April 17-18, 2020

Courtesy of Jan Plessner / Action Recruiting Inc.

Whether you work and play in the industry like me or you’d like a crash-course in marketing to women, prepare to be entertained, educated, and inspired during 25 trending topic sessions for female motorcyclists. Alisa Clickenger, leader at Women’s Motorcycle Tours is the conference creator. Alisa is also author of Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling: A Woman’s Guide to Being Your Best Self On and Off the Bike. She has created this easily accessible and affordable two-day program. Total cost = $20. In addition, dealerships may purchase $10 tickets for their staff and customers.

During the Saturday morning presentation entitled “Motorcycle Industry Hacks to Land Your Dream Job,” Jan Plessner will spill the beans on topics like why some resumes suck, how to build a top-notch LinkedIn profile, launching a confidential job search and what hiring managers want. Jan Plessner will also bust some myths about the perfect job search.

Please visit to see the presenter lineup, explore program topics and to register.

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