Video tour of Aldon Baker’s facility, Baker’s Factory

Courtesy of 4Arm Strong

Aerial tour of the Baker’s Factory in Clermont, FL
Take a look at the operation these guys have for a week day training session! Ryan Dungey, Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne, Dean Wilson
Are you ready?
Arm pump reduction fads have come and gone in the last couple decades. 4Arm Strong is standing the test of time and is being embraced by the best riders and trainers in all motorcycle racing sports, world wide. Thank former pro motocross racer and current Active Release Techniques therapist, Lee Ramage. His awareness of arm pump was the catalyst for using Active Release Techniques to combat this age old riding ailment, and the inspiration behind the development of the 4Arm Strong, an aided stretching device designed with Active Release Techniques in mind. There is no way you can get a more efficient stretch without it!
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