USA shocks British champions in Drone Champions League opener

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

First virtual season in history as eight teams race around Liechtenstein.

American team Quad Force One upset the reigning British XBlades Racing team to make it one Grand Final win each after the opening Vaduz stop in Liechtenstein of the first virtual season in the history of the Drone Champions League. Here is all you need to know:

– Eight teams launched the 2020 World Championship of professional drone racing with the Breitling Virtual Drone Grand Prix Vaduz providing plenty of thrills.

– Quad Force One topped the timesheets in qualifying on Saturday and Sunday as the 2018 runners-up looked to bounce back from a disastrous 2019 campaign.

– In Saturday’s Grand Final, the XBlades – eyeing a fourth title – beat Quad Force One by nine points to seven after ousting 2019 rivals APEX Racing in the semis.

– The Americans, though, finally scored their first win over the Brits in a thrilling Sunday rematch as they claimed a countback to qualifying after the two teams were deadlocked at seven points each – which leaves them level on points overall with three stops left.

– Alex Campbell of Quad Force One said: “I couldn’t be any more proud of how it’s going this year. To make a true champion doesn’t mean that you win once. A true champion, in my book, has been on the top, he’s fallen back down, and he’s gotten back up.”

– Luke Bannister from XBlades revealed: “It was a really great race. Those guys [Quad Force One] put in so much work and were stupid fast. It was really intense that it came down to those last few points. I think our team is amazing. I’m super proud of them.”

– Denmark’s APEX Racing finished third on both days with Japan’s Raiden Racing, who finished last in 2019, advancing to the semis for the first time in two years.

– Pilots who had switched teams made a big impact, such as MinChan Kim, a force for XBlades, and Pawel Laszczak, who piled up points for Quad Force One.

– Pilots from 18 nationalities took part on two daytime and two night-time racetracks with 11 of the pilots new to DCL after being selected in Draft sessions.

– The tracks featured iconic Vaduz landmarks such as St. Florin Cathedral and Liechtenstein’s Parliament, with the addition of heart-stopping gates and camera angles.

– All four of the tracks featured in the Vaduz stop can be played in DCL – The Game from July 20, so players can see how their times really compare to the pros.

Results, Saturday, Drone Grand Prix Vaduz 2020: 1. XBlades Racing (GBR) 250 points, 2. Quad Force One (USA) 220 pts, 3. APEX Racing (DEN) 200 pts, 4. Falcons Racing (KOR) 150 pts, 5. Raiden Racing (JPN) 80 pts, 6. China Dragons (CHN) 0, 7. Drone Sports Global (RUS) 0, 5. 80 pts, 8. Indrone (ESP) 0

Results, Sunday, Drone Grand Prix Vaduz 2020: 1. Quad Force One (USA) 250 points, 2. XBlades Racing (GBR) 220 pts, 3. APEX Racing (DEN) 200 points, 4. Raiden Racing (JPN) 150 pts, 5. Falcons Racing (KOR) 80 pts, 6. Drone Sports Global (RUS) 0, 7. China Dragons (CHN) 0, 8. Indrone (ESP) 0

Overall Standings, Drone Champions League 2020: 1. XBlades Racing (GBR) 470 points, 2. Quad Force One (USA) 470 pts, 3. APEX Racing (DEN) 400 pts, 4. Falcons Racing (KOR) 230 pts, 5.Raiden Racing (JPN) 230 pts, 6. China Dragons (CHN) 0, 7. Drone Sports Global (RUS) 0, 8. Indrone (ESP) 0

Drone Champions League Virtual Season Calendar
July 18-19: Breitling Virtual Drone Grand Prix Vaduz, Liechtenstein
August 8-9: Virtual Drone Grand Prix Proptown, USA
August 22-23: Virtual Drone Grand Prix, Great Wall of China
October 3-4: McDonald’s Virtual Drone Grand Prix, Lake Zurich & Laax, Switzerland

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