The most high-speed city trip of the year – Fabio Wibmer shows insane bike stunts in Paris and Lyon

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland / eyesprint

Watch it here: Urban Freeride Lives 3 – Fabio Wibmer takes his riding on a whole new level

when Fabio Wibmer sets out on his very own journey through France you can expect wild and spectacular action. Steep and narrow alleys, sketchy staircases and insane jumps – the Austrian bike professional always chooses the direct line. The third installation of his most successful YouTube-Hit “Urban Freeride Lives” with over 93 million views take him from Lyon to Paris, where he ends his trip at the foot of the famous Eiffel Tower. Along the way he pulls one bold stunt after another and make iconic sight like Montmartre or Sacre Coeur his mountain bike canvas. No mistakes allowed.

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