The Flying Frenchies surf 600m above ravine at 75kph

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Aerial thrill seekers hit Vercors Massif range in France.

The Flying Frenchies are BASE jumpers, clowns, climbers, acrobats, musicians and speed riders who pulled off a breathtaking 2016 stunt above a ravine in the French Prealps.

Here is all you need to know:

– The Vercors Massif is a picturesque range in France that consists of rugged plateaux and mountains straddling the départements of Isère and Drôme.

– It made for a heady mix as the thrill-seeking group’s adventure saw them slicing along a zip line on a surfboard at 75kph before dismounting to BASE jump into the frightening ravine 600 metres below.

– At times, two would surf on the board, another tackled the high wire dressed as a duck while another yet performed a headstand on the board despite the high speed. And to cap things off, three of them even performed as a band from the zip wires, including a full drum kit capped with wide smiles at the bottom.

Anicet Leone came up with the concept along with French tightrope walker Tancrède Melet, who died in January 2016 after a hot-air balloon stunt went wrong.

– Leone revealed: “He (Melet) was a very determined person, very efficient and an important driving force. It’s something that gave me a lot of strength throughout the project. I felt it inside of me.”

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