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Phil Dalhausser performs in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA on 19 January, 2017
Phil Dalhausser switches a volleyball for the sun in a stunning photo shoot.

Phil Dalhausser may never have reached such heights before.

But with a trick of the camera, the 37-year-old 2008 Olympic beach volleyball champion along with female player Lauren Fendrick appears to have switched a volleyball for none other than the rising sun for competition.

In a photo shoot echoing that of NBA star Anthony Davis from 2015, ‘Spike the Sun’, which like Davis’ Dunk the Sun’, was also shot by Dustin Snipes, is a series of breathtaking photographs of Dalhausser and Kendrick at full stretch with the rising sun as their play thing.

The pair spiked the sun on the same Fort Lauderdale beach which is set to host the upcoming Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series, which takes place from February 7-12.

The two American volleyballers were left to play under the watchful eye of Snipes, mirroring the sun to spike, serve and harness its energy in a competitive arena for the cameras.

Dalhausser explained: “Spiking and serving the sun was challenging and I had to be in total sync with the photographer. It’s like the two-man game we play on the beach where teamwork and communication is key.”

The playing duo will be among 64 of the world’s best male and female teams in action at the event.
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Lauren Fendrick performs in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA on 19 January, 2017

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