“Social Fabric”, The New Series About The Adventure Behind Everything We Wear, Is Premiering On Red Bull TV September 1

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Kyle Ng gets dressed by 69 and Shirley Kurata at 69 headquarters in Los Angeles, CA on August 9, 2016. –
Photographer Credit:
David Clancy / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull TV’s new series – Social Fabric

Social Fabric dives into the lives of the global craftsmen, collectors, celebrities and eccentrics who share a passion for what they put on, revealing the surprising histories and fascinating factors that have transformed everyday clothing into iconic culture. Host Kyle Ng takes viewers on a journey through the world of menswear that’s as fun – and funny – as it is stylish. The 12 episodes series premieres on Red Bull TV on September 1, 2017, free and on demand.

Ng is a Los Angeles-based menswear designer known for his streetwear brands (Farm Tactics, Axs Folk Technology, Brain Dead) and collaborations with names such as Levi’s, Vans and Urban Outfitters; he’s also behind fashion video content for online destination Hypebeast. Watch the series trailer.

Dancers perform in Los Angeles, CA on July 31, 2016. –
Photographer Credit:
David Clancy / Red Bull Content Pool

“The passion for what we put on crosses borders and cultures. Look at the jeans you wear everyday. There’s history and inspiration behind every pair, whether it’s a pair of turn-of-the-century Levi’s used by American coal miners or treated as an experimental fabric in Japanese streetwear design. The fabrics many of us wear everyday can take on a whole new expression in the hands of a culture or artist,” Kyle declares.

Social Fabric was produced by Los Angeles-based Citizen Jones, the production company founded by award-winners Jonas Bell Pasht and Jonah Bekhor that brings cinematic style and storytelling to nonfiction entertainment on television, movie screens and new digital platforms. Combining a guerrilla, verité documentary style with highly cinematic elements, Social Fabric delivers fresh and original visuals, and an eclectic soundtrack that amps the energy.

Through 12 episodes, Ng travels the world – from Kenya to Scotland and from Tokyo to Texas – to explore themes around different types of fabric or apparel including Plaid, Cowboy Boots, the Fedora, the Leather Jacket, Crazy Pants, Jeans, the Suit, the T-Shirt, Bling, Sneakers, Sacred Threads and Camouflage.

Along the way he meets innovators and influencers who take him deep behind the scenes, from the leaders in Tokyo’s underground punk scene to the cowboy boot-wearing “metal heads” of Botswana, and from rock legends to celebrated designers. At every step in his journey, Ng uncovers the visionaries who are putting their own stamp on style, whether it’s streetwear or Sunday best. From kilts to camouflage, inherent in the exploration are the origins of clothing and identity: how and why we dress the way we do.

Watch all 12 episodes of Social Fabric, free and on demand, and discover the world of style with Kyle Ng.

Kyle Ng and the Oseru Tribe perform a traditional dance in Maasai Village, Kenya on September 30, 2016. –
Photographer Credit:
Teddy Danh / Red Bull Content Pool


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