Slovakian team Brainteaselava crowned the Red Bull Escape Room World Champions

Courtesy of quattro media

Best action clip | Slovakian mind gamers team wins 2019 RB Escape Room World Championships in London (GBR)

@credits: Red Bull Escape Room World Championship

Escape Rooms took the world by storm and millions of people all around the globe already participated in an escape room adventure. This weekend, the best of the best competed against each other in London for the World Championship.

Today, a team of elite mind gamers from Slovakia have officially proven themselves the best and fastest problem solvers in the world following two days of mind boggling competitive escape room action at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London.

Brainteaselava and Croatian team TG 170 outperformed competitors from 21 other countries, including the UK, Australia, Germany, India, Estonia, USA and Brazil, in the intricate qualifiers on Friday before going head to head in ‘Omni’s Escape,’ the world’s toughest escape room, purpose built for the competition by escape room mastermind Dr. Scott Nicholson and his team. Brainteaselava were crowned the World Champions after completing Omni’s Escape in an incredible show of mental agility in just 27 minutes,16 seconds, more than 10 minutes faster than their Croatian rivals.

The Semi-Final took place on Friday and saw all teams undertake three custom built ten minute challenges to determine the two fastest teams who would go on to attempt ‘Omni’s Escape.’ The grand final room was made up of four rooms designed to test participants in six problem solving skills: creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy.

Red Bull Escape Room World World Championships 2019 – London (ENG) – Best action from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Finals Times:

1- Slovakia – 27:16:85

2- Croatia – 38:06:25

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Semi-Finals Times:

1- Croatia – 21:57:23

2- Slovakia – 23:26:19

3- Belgium – 23:34:91

4- UK – 23:42:63

5- Estonia – 23:42:98

6- Greece – 24:09:61

7- Latvia – 24:25:85

8- France – 24:44:23

9- USA – 25:06:98

10- Wildcard – 25:44:74

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