Scoring changes for 2020 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations announced

Courtesy of FIM Speedway Grand Prix


here will be no more drawn heats in the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations after changes to the world championship pairs competition were confirmed for 2020 onwards.

Riders will now be awarded four points for winning a heat, with three points for second place, two for third and no points for last place, being disqualified or failing to complete the race.

As a result, if a team finishes second and third in a race, they will win the heat 5-4, rewarding the countries that produce the best team performance and avoid last places.

The changes mean that if a country claims second and third spot in the Grand Final, they will be crowned world champions, even if one of their rivals won the heat – ensuring there will be no need for a title-deciding run-off.

Steven Gould, vice president and managing director of BSI Speedway at IMG Events, hopes the changes will offer greater clarity for everyone following the action.

He said: “The Monster Energy SON is a competition where team riding is vital and to reward this, we have changed the scoring system to ensure the countries that perform best as a pair come out on top.

“With no drawn heats, it will be much easier for fans to work out which country wins a race, finishes highest on countback in the event of a tie on overall points and ultimately claims the world title.

“We’re looking forward to some fantastic racing as the Monster Energy SON gets started with the Semi-Finals in Landshut on April 25 and Daugavpils on May 2, before the competition culminates with a thrilling final at Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium on May 8 and 9.”

The top two countries in each Semi-Final – formerly known as Race Offs – will still automatically reach the Final.

But there will only be one Final Qualifier heat at the end of the initial 21 heats, with the teams in third and fourth place on the overall scorechart battling it out for the last spot available in the Final.

After 42 heats have been completed in the Final, there will still be a Grand Final Qualifier between the sides ranked second and third on the scorechart. 

The winning team in this race meets the nation ranked first on the scorechart in the Grand Final, with the team scoring the most points in that race crowned world champions.

Countries will be required to declare a squad of up to three senior riders and two under-21s three weeks before the opening round in Landshut, with countries nominating their starting line-up of two seniors and one under-21 six days before their respective meetings.

FIM president Jorge Viegas has welcomed these changes. He said “These improvements to the scoring system will make the competition even more intense and encourage team riding which this format is designed to provide.

“Spectators at the tracks as well as television viewers should see more tactical riding and will be able to follow the progress of teams more easily as the championship progresses.

“The FIM sees this as a positive move as the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations continues to be a major event in the track racing calendar.”

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