Rowing Highlight Clips | Chinese rowers rule at World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals in Shenzhen (CHN)!

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Chinese coastal rowers win three gold medals at home shore in Shenzhen at World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals

Raced in four boat classes, the mixed double sculls (CMix2x), mixed coxed quadruple sculls (CMix4x+) and the men’s and women’s solo (CM1x & CW1x), the competitors began with a beach sprint to their boat. Then they rowed a slalom course around two buoys, a final buoy turn back to the beach for a total of 500m water racing. Then a final beach sprint by one crew member to the finish line.

On the first day of finals the mixed double went through quarterfinals, semifinals and then finals. This meant that for the finalists it would be their third race of the day, all in the space of 45 minutes. China’s Wen and Wang raced off against Ledard and Alfred in the final. China got into their boat the quickest and were away ahead of France. Using a higher stroke rate of 41, compared to France’s 39, China was able to move away in the lead. The much straighter course by China – with buoy-hitting part of the strategy – saw Wen and Wang return to the beach first. They crossed the line in 2:23.

The mixed coxed quadruple sculls had Spain come into the final as the fastest qualifier. These crews had raced through heats and semifinals prior to this final. Spain was up against China and at the start both crews were even in getting their boat going off the beach start. China was rating 49 and Spain on 48 with China able to get into a slight lead. The speed on the way out was around 17 km/hour and once around the final buoy the speed picked up to nearly 20 km/hour. China’s crew of Li, Xie, Li, Mi and Guo managed to then push away from Spain and cross the line to win gold in a time of 2:20.

Boat class 1st  place 2nd place 3rd place
CW1x (Coastal Women’s Single Sculls) China Great Britain Greece
CM1x (Coastal Men’s Single Sculls) Spain China France
CMix2x (Coastal Mixed Double Sculls) China France Netherlands
CMix4x+ (Mixed Coxed Quadruple Sculls) China Spain Great Britain

Chinese rowers rule at World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals in Shenzhen (CHN) from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

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