Román soars down to Dubai beach for Rajasthan Royals launch

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Spanish aerial legend unveils their 2020 IPL jersey at One & Only Resort.

Spanish skydiving legend Dani Román surprised the Rajasthan Royals cricket players with a unique unveiling of their 2020 Indian Premier League jersey at the One & Only Resort in Dubai. Here is all you need to know:

– The Royals have been enjoying an encouraging pre-season period in the United Arab Emirates, however they were definitely not expecting to be looking skyward on a relaxed Tuesday, September 8 morning.

– Aerial genius Román jumped out of a plane carrying a Royals bag – several thousand feet above Palm Islands – to twist and turn through the air at breakneck speed.

– He left a trail of smoke in the air, then parachuted on to the beach and dropped off the bag full of classy 2020 Royals jerseys for the players to grab them later.

– The Royals players, excited by the thrilling official launch of their jersey were able to touch, feel and, of course, proudly flaunt it ahead of their own September 22 season start against the Chennai Super Kings in Match 4 at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah.

– Royals’ big all-round talent Riyan Parag revealed: “I am aware of how Red Bull is about extreme sports and adventures, so I was excited and expecting something crazy to happen today. Skydiving is something on my bucket list and seeing someone come down from the sky today and land with our jerseys was amazing.”

– South African batsman David Miller added: “Our mornings are generally very quiet, but it turned around totally with us being asked to head to the beach for a surprise. It was such a great view to see someone jumping off a plane and deliver our jerseys. I myself experienced skydiving in Dubai a couple of years back, so it brought back a lot of memories.”

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