Red Bull Racing clock Formula 1’s fastest ever pit stop

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Team take just 1.91 seconds to change four tyres at British Grand Prix.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have officially entered the record books with the fastest pitstop of all time.

The team’s talented crew changed all four of Pierre Gasly’s four tyres before sending him on his way in a rapid 1.91seconds on lap 12 of Sunday’s British Grand Prix. Here’s all you need to know:

– The barely believable clock-stopping episode shaved one hundredth of a second off the previous mark set by the rival Williams team, which had stood since the 2016 season.

– The times have been rapidly tumbling in recent years. A pitstop for Riccardo Patrese of 3.2s at the 1993 Belgian Grand Prix was generally regarded as the quickest of all time before McLaren lowered that mark to 2.32s in 2011. Red Bull dipped below that to 2.05s at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix and again set the new benchmark with the first sub-2s stop of all time.

– Team principal Christian Horner said: “It’s a magnificent achievement from the pit crew and something we are all very proud of. They train with incredible dedication and a huge amount of effort and thought goes into the process. It’s wonderful to see our team recapture the record, the competition is incredibly fierce and the technological progress is relentless – but ultimately taking the record is about people working together as a team and performing at the top of their game under the very highest pressure.”

– The current benchmark for a good pitstop during a Formula 1 race is about 2 to 2.4s although teams will now be battling to lower the latest record mark after the first 1.91s.

-Red Bull is sitting at the top of the 2019 leaderboard for the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Awards with 266 points. The awards were established to recognise the outstanding teamwork and performance from the ‘unsung heroes’ in the pit lane. 

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