RED BULL CAN YOU MAKE IT?: How to travel without money

Courtesy of Red Bull

600 students started the adventure of a lifetime from Madrid, Manchester, Stockholm, Budapest and Rome. Their goal? Reach Amsterdam within one week, travelling with no money, and trading cans of Red Bull as only currency.

The excitement of day one is palpable as teams line up at the start lines ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime! The episode kicks off with teams anxiously awaiting take off—some having to brave the elements, but the adventure will begin rain or shine. Day one introduces you to your ‘Insider Team’ that will be taking you behind-the-scenes each day to see how teams are progressing on their journey. Teams are already having to learn the ropes and struggles that are ahead as they start to trade and accumulate adventure challenge points. Tune-in to find out who survives day one!

Follow the Insiders and the other 200 teams in the beginning of their journey.

New episodes every Saturday!

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