Red Bull Basement in search to unearth technology innovators

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Applications open until October 25 with 35 countries putting talent forward.

Red Bull Basement is back for its third year on the lookout for the next generation of global student innovators, creators, change makers, collaborators and entrepreneurs. Here is all you need to know:

– Red Bull Basement was born in 2018 with its inaugural event, in which 663 applications were submitted from 16 countries with some 77,777 votes. Last year, entries came from 24 countries with more than 1,500 submissions and in excess of 250 million votes.

– For the 2020 edition, there are more than 35 participating countries and entries – which are made using a one-minute video to explain the idea – will arrive either from individuals or two-person university student teams from September 1 until October 25.

– It plans to uncover innovators aiming to change campus life and beyond, and disprove the theory that “it’s this way because it’s always been this way”.

– Unearthing the latest technological change-makers at campuses all over the globe through this programme is key to inspiring and empowering young entrepreneurs.

– Students need to come up with bold ideas and implement disruptive technology solutions to make a meaningful impact at their universities and social change into the wider world.

– Social voting is on October 26-29 before a local and global jury select one national finalist per country by November 1 based on impact, feasibility and creativity.

– The development phase will run until December 10, giving the teams five weeks to get their intriguing projects ready for implementation at an exciting global workshop that runs from December 10-13 where the Red Bull Basement 2020 winner will be picked.

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