Recreating an Iconic Ski Photo From 1929 | Time Drop w/ Nick Goepper & Jiří Šimeček

Courtesy of Red Bull Snow

In 1929 Otto Berauer decided to jump on wooden skis from the roof of the Luční Bouda hotel in Pec pod Sněžkou, Czech Republic. Unlike much of what went on in the early days of freesking, this unique moment was captured on camera, so we decided, with the help of Nick Goepper, to try to recreate it and pay tribute to the pioneers of acrobatic skiing in the process.

Shooting action sports like Freeskiing is not easy, and especially so when you are trying with a very old film camera. During the “Time Drop” project, photographer Jiří Šimeček took the challenge and shot some action photos as well as some portraits with his ‘antique’ camera. Jiří and athlete Nick Goepper worked together to recreate an image from 1929 of Otto Berauer dropping from the roof of the “Luční Bouda” Hotel in the Czech Republic.

These are definitely not the usual action sports photos you’ll see every day. You need to know the basics of photography in and out to get the timing and exposure right. Well done Jiří, the results are incredible!

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