Rachael Archer set for GNCC WXC Round 9 ‘The Mountaineer’ this weekend

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Rachael Archer is ready to race GNCC WXC Round 9 ‘The Mountaineer’ in West Virginia this weekend after long 8 week hiatus from racing Round 8 High Voltage back in July, which the 18 year old Kiwi gained first ever win.

Rachael Archer WXC Round 8 win High Voltage Photo Credit: AmPro Yamaha

Currently standing 3rd Overall in the prestigious WXC class, Rachael has clocked up 5 podiums from 8 races in her 2nd season racing under AmPro Yamaha Team proving #650 can endure alot and produce top results in what must be described as super-disruptive year.

For starters, time-line states Rachael left for USA early in 2020 to start racing WXC Round 1 end of February, followed by Rounds 2 and 3 before everything stopped due to COVID and Rach returned back home to NZ.

Another leap of faith meant Rachael left comfort zone of home to keep racing career alive returning to USA for Round 4> starting on May 17th while at same time taking into account pandemic was still escalating within USA. Fast forward to September, and Rachael has not only kept all that has happened since within nation- social, cultural and political unrest at bay, but has somehow managed to keep focus on training in preparation for racing to resume this weekend.

Put in context, Rachael has kept it all together. Not easy, given many would of taken less challenging route and returned home long ago. All of which speaks volumes on Rachael’s mind-set. So determined, so independent to get it done, even when no family are near by.

Rachael’s ‘Rig ready to roll’ Photo Rachael

As expected, Rachael took advantage of racing 2020 Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Women’s class last weekend as perfect re-fresh for GNCC WXC Round 9 in few days time. Finishing the 3 day event with 3rd Overall on Saturday/Sunday and 2nd Overall on Monday- Archer ranked 24th Overall from total of 149 riders on last day of racing.

With 4 WXC Rounds remaining, Rachael will be more than on point to give it her all, not just on track but also in physical training, mental well being and technical refinement. That is just how Rach operates- no matter what challenges come her way.

GNCC WXC Round 9 The Mountaineer September 13-14th.

Header Photo courtesy Parts Unlimited.

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