R-Tech renew their deal with MXGP

Courtesy of Youthstream

MONACO (Principality of Monaco) 14 February 2017 – Youthstream is proud to announce that R-Tech, a wholesaler of aftermarket parts and accessories, have significantly improved their deal with MXGP by agreeing to a multi-year contract which will see the brand marketed at every single round of the FIM Motocross World Championship for a more global reach.

R-Tech is an Italian based company, a leader in the field of machining and molding plastics that also sells parts and accessories, which allow the public and fans to easily replicate the bikes of their favorite riders. “In dirt we trust” is the company’s slogan, which is a symbol of their passion and dedication to off-road racing and motocross.

The R-Tech building is a massive 9,300 square meters and is the work place of approximately 30 staff members which work in various departments such as Research and Development, technical assistance, sales, marketing and production. All the staff are dedicated to their jobs and work constantly to improve all of what R-Tech creates and sells so they can insure their customers that they are purchasing the best products on the market.

With R-Tech’s passion and commitment to motocross, it is a pleasure to have them onboard for MXGP this season.






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