Q & A With Brothers Kevin And Timmy Hansen | WRX 2018

Courtesy of Red Bull Motorsports

Kevin Hansen was practically born in the Rallycross paddock, with his dad being a rallycross legend and his mum being the only woman (so far) to ever win a European rally title.

He’s been on the rally circuit since he could walk, and plans on staying there. Kevin hates to lose and loves to win, not only in rallycross but in everything – seriously, everything…

His older brother Timmy is also into rallycross, and you might think they’d be bitter rivals, but they are actually best friends. One of Kevin’s best moments in life (so far) came in 2015 when he claimed the overall RX Lites Cup Title, a feat he’d been working towards for years. Pretty impressive for someone who wasn’t yet old enough to get his regular driving licence in Sweden!

It was in 2010 that Hansen’s lust for the win started to become reality. He won the (unofficial) World Cup in karting together with Timmy as his mechanic. What happens when the brothers sit down on the couch together for a quick fire round of question and answer? Watch and see.

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