Putting a Refurbished Honda to the Test | Project Two-Stroke 2.0 | Bike Builds with Aaron Colton

Courtesy of Red Bull Motorsports

In the second part of the new Bike Builds, freestyle motorbike rider and stuntman Aaron Colton continues “Project Two-Stroke 2.0” and puts his freshly built Honda CR125 to the test at Red Bull Day in the Dirt 2019. After a grueling 18 days in the race shop taking the bike from Craigslist clunker to near-factory spec race bike, it’s time to see how well it runs. While Colton is no professional motocross racer, Day in the Dirt is far and away his favorite event of the year. What’s better than a weekend of friends, family and low-pressure racing? Follow along as Colton loads up his family and his childhood dream bike and heads to Glen Helen Raceway to take on the “party that has a racing problem.”

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