Preston Campbell & Tarah Gieger NHHA Round 4 Race Report!

Courtesy of JCR / Honda

This weekend the AMA National Hare and Hound series resumed with its 4th round located in Panaca, Nevada. The Silverstate Trailblazers MC hosted a fun event labeled “The Muley Run”. 307 racers were challenged with 2- 40-mile loops consisting of fast and tight sagebrush trails, rocky climbs, and sand washes. The heat was relentless with 100 plus temps, taking its toll on many competitors.

Preston Campbell, spent his downtime wisely, contesting many GNCC’s and other Off-Road events around the country keeping him on point returning to the Hare and Hound series. Preston started well, landing inside the top ten at the end of the bomb-run. He was able to make some passes before entering the pits in 6th overall on his CRF450X. The Red Rider put his head down on the second 40-mile loop, managing to place his 450X inside the top 5, matching his best Pro class finish for his rookie year. Check out for more race info… 

Tarah Gieger, who has been undefeated in her first full year of desert racing, winning 3 out of 3 events. The CRF250RX pilot had a challenging race, with the searing heat, but hard-charging and determination kept her win streak alive posting her 4th victory in her leading wire to wire. Tarah is a great ambassador for all riders however we want to recognize that this win to coincided with “International Female Ride Day 2020” celebrating female riders and racers around the globe.

“After the long break from racing my game plan was to work into the race and get comfortable in the dusty and rocky conditions. The first part of the race was extremely dusty and it was really difficult to make any forward progress. Once I got some clean air I hammered down and coming into the first pit I was in the lead. I kept that pace for the next hour and was able to manage the last quarter of the race and take home my fourth win of the season.” — Tarah Gieger

“The racecourse was rocky, super dusty trails and sand wash with 100-degree heat for an 80-mile loop. My CRF450X worked great I felt good and confident with my setup and training from summer break. Got off to a top 10 start made a few quick passes and got up to 6th by the end of the first loop. We had a good quick pit thanks to my team. I got by another rider on the 2nd loop in the technical rocky canyons and sand washes and finished 5th OA to match my best finish at an NHHA.” — Preston Campbell   “Exciting to have the JCR/Honda team lining up at NHHA Round 4! Preston & Tarah have both been training hard and it showed!”  — Johnny Campbell 
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Photo Credit: Mark Kariya
Video Credit: Ryan Ray 
Drone footage: Jake Yubeta

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