PHOTOS: Paragliding world record holders soar above Canary Islands

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Llorens and Ovcharov reach 60km/h over dramatic volcanic El Hierro landscape.

Paragliding world record holders Horacio Llorens and Veselin Ovcharov combined for a thrilling journey through the skies above El Hierro in the Canary Islands where explorer Christopher Columbus once spent days gathering supplies. Here is all you need to know:

– The volcanic and mountainous El Hierro, also known as Isla del Meridiano, is the second smallest of the Canary Islands covering 268.71 sq km (103.75 sq mi).

– It is also well known for paragliding as the trade winds, which blow constantly in the higher parts, enable paragliding in optimal conditions throughout the year.

– The island is powered by solar and wind power with world record holders Llorens and Ovcharov using the thermals to produce a breathtaking acrobatic display.

– Ovcharov and extreme sports photographer Ivaylo Donchev travelled from Bulgaria in Feburary to hook up with Llorens, who learnt his skills in Albacete.

– After spending some time in Llorens’ home city of Madrid visiting friends, they took off from isolated village Sabinosa on El Hierro and performed graceful moves over the majestic volcano craters.

– Ovcharov, 37, enthused: “The island is extremely beautiful, but rough. The wind can get up to 60km/h and the shores are almost vertical. There are no sandy beaches, but rocks. You have to be really skillful, experienced and well equipped. Ivaylo was really brave.”

– Ovcharov got sick and added: “My cure is eating well and one fly a day keeps the doctor away. When you love and do what you love, nothing can stop you.”

– Drone pilot Ilko Iliev – also part of the crew – said: “It was really magnificent to be just out there and see Veso and Horacio sharing the sky and flying like birds.”

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