PHOTO ALERT: All you need to know about Simple Session 2020

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A guide to the 20th anniversary of the iconic BMX and skateboard event.

The Saku Arena in the Estonian capital of Tallinn will be the venue for the 20th anniversary of Simple Session, the BMX and skateboarding extravaganza.

On the eve of the event, here is all you need to know:

– Simple Session 19 saw Australian Boyd Hilder edge out Venezuelan legend Daniel Dhers in BMX Park with German Felix Prangenberg winning BMX Street, American Liam Pace the men’s skate contest and Japan’s Sky Brown the women’s skate Sister Session.

– Simple Session returns to Tallinn for the fifth year in a row with 2019 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World champions Brandon Loupos and Hannah Roberts showcasing their talents alongside 158 other BMX riders and skateboarders over two days of intense weekend battle.

– With BMX Park making its Olympic debut on August 1-2, seven men and six women out of the top 10 from the 2019 World Championships will take part in Tallinn from February 8-9 while skateboarding will also be making its Olympic debut on July 26-27 and August 5-6.

– Contests will also be held in Pro BMX Street, Pro Skateboarding and – for the third time after 2012 and 2013 – the event will host a separate female BMX contest Sister Session.

– After February 6-7 training, February 8 qualifiers whittle down the fields before the Simple Session 20 BMX and Skate Finals are broadcast live at Red Bull TV on February 9.

– The skate qualifiers will be an organised jam format with four skaters per jam as each skater gets two one-minute runs with one score for their entire performance leading to 12 skaters in the final where each skater has two individual one-minute runs to land a best score.

– In the men’s BMX separate qualifiers, contestants are divided into jam groups of four with each rider in those groups getting two one-minute runs leading to the 12 best riders in the final where each rider has two individual one-minute runs to rack up a best score.

– The women’s BMX will consist of 12 riders in one straight final with each rider getting two individual one-minute runs and the best run counting for their placing.

What will the competitors be judged on?

Flow, style, creativity, use of course, amplitude/height, number of tricks shown in their run, originality, difficulty of tricks, crashes/foot-downs/perfect runs, NBD’s, consistency, variety of tricks, control of tricks, bike/skate control, landings and execution.

Pick of the best tricks in recent years

Tony Neyer’s BMX hangover toothpick over to switch toothpick.
2014BMX star Dan Paley won with a 360 to crooked grind to 180 out.
2015Alex Donnachie’s BMX 360 gap across two wedges to manual 180 off.
2018 – Beaver Fleming’s spectacular swift-roll over the KellyBar fly-box.

Who to look out for?

There are 160 elite athletes turning up to wow the crowds including the likes of Danny León, Madars Apse, Maxim Kruglov, Simon Stricker, Tim Debauche, Jaakko Ojanen, Anthony Perrin, Courage Adams, Murray Loubser, Simone Barraco, Daniel Dhers, Daniel Wedemeijer, Irek Rizaev, Kenneth Tencio, Kostya Andreev and Marin Rantes.

Watch the Simple Session Finals on Red Bull TV HERE.

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