MXLink Live speaks with Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer on racing 2020 Dakar Rally

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

MXLink Live speaks with Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer on racing 2020 Dakar Rally in SSV category. Having gained ‘Dakar Legend’ status for completing 10 Dakar’s, Camelia shares wealth of knowledge, experience and pearls of wisdom on what it takes to race the world’s most extreme Rally.

Camelia and Annett 2020 Dakar Rally Photo Credit: ASO

Annett has banked 10 years experience competing in World Rallies, along with working role as physiotherapist at previous Dakar’s. Having competed in 2019 Dakar Rally in Peru, as competitor to Camelia, the pairing of the only female Team, makes for interesting conversation on what the dynamic duo encountered over 12 long Stages in Saudia Arabia earlier this year.

What stands out as most inspiring has to be both Camelia and Annett’s calm, composed approach to racing Dakar. It starts in preparation, in fine tuning logistics, in managing all aspects of getting ready to race- before action begins.

Then, when racing starts, the real-in-your-face details on what it is actually like racing 12 Stages- right from lining up amongst Truck-Car-SSV category to long days racing in black of night, to abrupt halt of vehicle on sand dunes, to spending night with Saudi friends who helped get the C.A.T Yamaha Racing Team back to base camp.

Camelia and Annett Final Stage Dakar Rally Photo Credit: ASO

The Live Chat was full of personal accounts of tackling the uncertain, finding solutions to problems faced, and pushing through mental barriers to survive all the way to race the Final Stage.

One thing is for certain, racing Dakar is no ordinary Off-Road race, no comfortable venue whereby mechanical pits are within walking distance from the track. Which makes these 2 Women: Camelia and Annett quite extra-ordinary female competitors.

Below edited broadcast with special thanks to Camelia and Annett.

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