MX Nationals Round 3 Duns

Courtesy of Heads & All Threads Suzuki


Race Report – MX Nationals Round 3

It was a six & a half hour journey to the third round of the Michelin MX Nationals event at Duns in Scotland this weekend.  Due the the series date change Neville Bradshaw was unable to attend so it left Josh Spinks & Jordan Eccles to compete for the Heads & All Threads Suzuki Team.

The track was technical & knarly & for a change is was more hard pack rather than sand to test the riders skills.

Both MX1 & MX2 pro riders race together in this series & at the start of the first race Josh Spinks was second to the first corner & then took the lead briefly before losing the front end in the next corner & going down.  Meanwhile Jordan Eccles on his RM-Z 250 was nearer the back, but made some smart passes & continued to push even after a small crash he managed to get up to 9th in MX2.  Josh Spinks picked himself up after his ‘off’ on the second corner & really fought his way through to a well deserved 5th.

In the second thirty minute plus 2 lap moto Josh got another mega start & was sitting in 3rd however after such a hard first race he struggled to keep up, making a small mistake & slipped back to 5th by the end of the race.  Jordan got a half decent mid pack start & although it took a while to find his rhythm, he finished a respectable 9th in MX2.

Neil Prince – Team Manager
‘Overall a good weekend the riders’ health seem to be getting back to nearer normal, Josh got good starts but needs to find more speed to run with the leaders, but this weekend was an improvement for him.  This is the second week I have seen Jordan riding towards his potential & we just need to keep up the momentum.  Both guys seem to struggle with their fast qualifying lap & we need to work on this to give them a better chance on the start gate.  I’m happy we continue to move forwards’

Josh Spinks – MX1
‘Qualifying wasn’t great, the track was really fast & close on times but didn’t string a decent lap together ending 16th.  Race 1 I got a great start & made a pass for the lead early, unfortunately I tucked the front wheel & went down.  I worked my way from last to 5th which was my best ride of the year.  Race 2 was another good start, I rode a couple of laps in 3rd but again made a silly mistake & crashed.  I finished the race in 5th for 6th overall on the day.  Next stop is Desertmartin where I aim to get back some much needed points!’

Jordan Eccles – MX2
‘Yesterday was the first race this year I felt where I should be & running inside the top 10.  There is still work to do getting myself into a better rhythm straight from the gate drop but I have to take positives from the race… Having only raced Hawkstone then no riding after still recovering from recently having glandular fever the two 30 + 2 motos were definitely tough but I felt my speed was there & I really enjoyed racing.  I’m looking forward to getting to work ready for Round 4 of the British at Desertmartin where hopefully I can keep the good results coming’

Next event is the fourth round of the British Championship at Desertmartin, Northern Ireland in two weeks time.

Photography by Elliot Spencer



MX1 Race 1
1. Krestinov
2. Irwin
3. Shipton
4. Snow
5.  Spinks
6. Thornhill
7.  Banks-Brown
8.  Houghton
9. Gilbert
10. Rutherford
MX2 Race 1
1. Barr
2. Millward
3. Husband
4. Tombs
5. Todd
6. Davidson
7.  Knight
8. Dixon
9. Eccles
10. McKenzie
MX1 Race 2
1. Irwin
2. Banks-Brown
3. Krestinov
4. Shipton
5. Spinks
6. Snow
7. Houghton
8. Harrison
9.  Thornhill
10. Gilbert
MX2 Race 2
1. Barr
2. Millward
3. Tombs
4. Davidson
5. Booker
6.  Husband
7. Knight
8.  Dixon
9. Eccles
10. Tod
MX1 Championship Position
1. Irwin 139 points
2. Krestinov 104 points
3. Anderson 92 points
4. Banks Brown 90 points
5. Spinks 78 points
6. Thornhill 74 points
7. Whatley 73 points
8. Shipton 69 points
9. Houghton 56 points
10. Snow 55 points
MX2 Championship Position
1. Barr 150 points
2. Tombs 114 points
3. Millward 90 points
4. Todd 86 points
5. Knight 84 points
6. Husband 77 points
7. Trickett 70 points
8. Dixon 70 points
9. Davidson 64 points
10. Bradshaw 58 points
15. Eccles 20 points


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