Much more to Motocross than just racing

Courtesy of TV FIM

With the current pause in the various FIM Motocross World Championships due to the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the FIM and MXGP Promoter Infront Moto Racing have taken the opportunity to create a series of informative videos that shares important information and provides a unique behind the scenes insight to the sport. The short films showcase the role of the FIM Motocross Commission and the national federations, plus illustrate how FIM volunteers can progress to becoming FIM Officials with the correct training and experience. Whilst often unseen, the team of technical and administrative staff play a key part in ensuring the safety of riders, and in maintaining the integrity of fairness of the championship. Watch and learn as the riders go through the relevant processes before being allowed to head out on track. This first video was produced by Infront Moto Racing.

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