Local heroes surprise at Mont Blanc e-bike race | Verbier E-Bike Festival 2019

Courtesy of World of Freesports

A round of applause for the end of the inaugural edition of the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc (E-TMB), which took place from the 14th to the 16th August 2019, as part of the Verbier E-Bike Festival. 16 teams began the race on Wednesday – of which there were 3 woman’s and 2 mixed teams – made up of both professionals, retired pros, and passionate amateurs. Also of note, was Jérémie Heitz, professional swiss freeskier, who wished to take part in the race for the experience. Overall, an experienced yet eclectic mix of participants who took part in this race that, for many, became a full-on adventure.

At the top of the game was Florian Golay (CH), Verbier local and VTTAE LAPIERRE team member who won the race alongside his teammate Olivier Grossrieder (CH) with a time of 13 hours, 19 minutes and 24 seconds. On their heels were team SPECIALIZED, Sauser (CH) and Bundi (CH), who finished 12 minutes behind; Sauser having broken the motor on his e-bike during the approach to the Col de Malatra forcing him to push it up hill for 45 minutes. The French pair of Muller and Giordanengo (MAVIC-MOUSTACHE), e-bike specialists, came in 3rd place to complete the podium. For the women, the anglo-swiss team of Moseley (professional British downhill rider) and Schneitter (2011 World Championships mixed relay silver medalist) won with a time of 19 hours, 18 minutes and 10 seconds.

Worthy of note was the exceptional performance from French rider, Nadine Sapin (mountain bike and e-mountain bike rider) who came in 4th place overall in her mixed team with an incredible time of 14 hours and 52 minutes, more than 4 hours faster than the first woman’s team.

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