Livia Lancelot speaks on Team Honda 114 Motorsport fly aways, and latest talent Axel Louis

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Livia Lancelot Team Manager and Owner of Team Honda 114 Motorsports took all challenges on board racing MXGP fly aways in Indonesia with Mitch Evans taking crash in Palembang resulting in side-line for following Round in Semarang and 2nd tier rider Zachery Pichon suffering from the extreme heat- racing below par.

Mitch Evans MXGP of Indonesia Photo Credit: Bavo

A slight set-back for the young Australian who stands 8th Overall in MX2 Championship, Livia stays philosophical of the experience, making sure health and well being of her riders remains number one, over and above racing above riders physical limit.

#114: ‘To be honest, it was really not the best Rounds for us. Mitch crashed hard in Palembang and didn’t ride in Semarang, and Zach was suffering from the heat. He had a good weekend in Semarang but not as good as what he could do if he was 100%‘.

Having achieved 3rd podium at Opening MXGP Round in Argentina, and 3rd step at MXGP of Portugal, along with 4th x2 and 5th at MXGP of Russia, Mitch has proved he is the real deal in debut MX2 year.

#114: ‘Mitch is really working hard he deserves a top 5 Overall. He is often fighting for the podium. But he has a lot to learn coming here in Europe and it’s not easy to put everything together’.

Back in Europe for next 5 GP’s with mix of hard-pack and sand at Lommel before last fly away to newbie circuit of Shanghai, Team Honda 114 Motorsport riders will give their best, as racing for Livia WMX 2x Champion is destiny in the making. Not only does Livia deliver on what her riders need to perform at optimum level, the level-headed French female is real testament on what passion, plus experience, plus hands-on know-how can achieve racing MXGP Series.

Zachery Pichon MXGP of Indonesia Photo Credit: Bavo

Livia states: ‘The season has been long for everyone. Riders are tired from racing every weekend and travelling. So on top of the results I want them both to always be 100%. I’m sure that Mitch can jump on the podium again, and Zach can be in the top 10′.

In between MXGP/MX2 Rounds, Livia has taken on board young 15 year old Alex Louis who has just finished 2nd Overall in French MX Championships. Having recognised Alex’s potential earlier on, Livia shares confidence in her rider’s ability- even when he made decision to jump from racing 85cc to 250cc.

#114: I’ve been working with Axel since he was 11 years old. It was his first year in 85cc, when he became French SX Champion and Vice MX Champion’.

‘It was his choice to jump from 85 to 250 directly, and it is really hard. He is struggling to qualify in EMX but his results are improving and I’m sure that soon he will be able to show everyone what I see in him’.

With positive forward movement through-out Team Honda 114 Motorsport season, this year has put tests out there for Livia to show where her true strength lies- and that has to be admired. And, what is rest on to-do-list for remaining MXGP/MX2 Rounds?

#114: ‘On my to do list is be back on the podium- but as a Team Manager, this means that Mitch has to win ;)’.

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