Line Dam 2019 WMX: 7th Overall in 2nd season

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Line Dam raced with purpose at 2019 Women MX World Championship Opening Round finishing 7th Overall, confirming young up-coming talented riders are committed to vie for points- regardless on whose elite WMX company they are up against.

Line Dam Photo Credit: Niek Fotographie

The Danish teenager, racing 2nd WMX season takes stock on improvements made from 10th Overall in 2018 WMX, with recovery from surgery, gaining experience and enjoying learning curve on racing sand tracks.

#131: ‘Yes 2018 was my first full WMX season, and my first season back after my Acl surgery. The main goals and plans for 2018 was to get a lot of experience and learn as much as possible. Top 10 overall was really good for me last year, even though my speed was not so good. I didn’t expect that result at all’. 

Training for WMX Opener at Valkenswaard, notorious challenging sand track, Line’s only race experience was at Assen GP 2018. Not usual for riders to embrace the shifting sand conditions- Line liked the varying terrain.

#131: ‘I actually love riding the sand. It’s possible for me to be more aggressive, and that’s the way I like to ride. I have been at Assen three times now, and I love the place and the track (when it doesn’t rain). I think you have more opportunities to choose different lines on sand tracks, and to create new lines for yourself’.

Defintely a bonus for a rider to be creative in line choice, along with Line’s adaptability to race known hard-pack tracks found back home in Denmark, #131 carves a positive future in the sport.

Line Dam Danish Motorsport Award Photo Ctredit: Randers Motor Sport

And recognition has already been achieved at Danish Motorsport Awards January 2019 for Line Dam’s Team 2nd place at Women’s Motocross of European Nations 2018 with fellow rider Sara Andersen.

#131: ‘The Danish Motorsport award was for my part a very good experience.
I won with Sara Andersen, the prize of the mc of the year, for our performance at last year’s Women’s Motocross of European Nations for Teams.
Thank you to everyone who voted for us and all my sponsors. A little recognition sometimes makes a desire to work on the goals’.

Having recently turned 21 years, working, and plans for study post leaving school, Line, family and sponsors articulate #131 WMX racing for 2019 season:

#131: ‘I already discussed the whole WMX situation with my family and sponsors, and we did agree on riding all the WMX rounds. But yes as you said it’s a quite long gap between the races, so this year I also have to race the European Championship and some of the Danish Championships as well. It means that I have a lot of racing going on this year instead of just riding the WMX Rounds’.

Racing stock CR250F, Line is more than happy with bike set-up, power, being just right at this point in her race career for the slight MX racer.

#131: ‘Honda was maybe not one of the most powerful bike some years ago. But right now my bike is 100% stock, and as you can see after Valkenswaard it’s still strong enough for a top 5 in the wmx’.

Line Dam Sponsors Photo Credit: Line

We practice a lot on hard-pack in Denmark right now, and I think we’ve found a good suspension set-up which is more important for me than horsepower. I’m not the biggest girls in the WMX class, so I’m not sure how much power I can handle. Then it’s better for me, to ride aggressive and not be tired’.

With the main focus on enjoying racing, Line certainly proves what new, fresh, eyes on future brings to racing WMX.

#131: For me main focus is to have fun. I enjoy racing every single lap, and was able to make great result’.

‘And yes of course, I love the competition. I think it’s fun to compare yourself to the best riders in the world’.

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