KTM takes historic victory in MotoGP with rookie Brad Binder shutting out the competition at Brno

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

KTM took historic victory in MotoGP at Czech Republic with rookie Brad Binder taking very first win for Red Bull KTM Factory whose commitment to achieving success in the world’s premier Series was born 3 years prior.

Brad Binder wins at MotoGP Czech Republic for KTM Factory Racing Photo Credit: KTM Press

For most part, the win breaks precedent on the ability for a Concession manufacturer to win against Non-Concession Factory Brands of Ducati, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. And, equally proves that KTM’s philosophy on entering the world of MotoGP racing was going to be ‘in their own way’ based on numerous achievements across Motorsport disciplines.

Holding steadfast to KTM CEO Stefan Pierer’s vision that ‘we want to win races in MotoGP one day’ to actually bringing that vision to life speaks volumes on Race Director Pit Beirer’s belief that goal would be achieved- albeit surrounded by staff fully committed to success.

Key stand-out factors heavily influenced the successful result of KTM supported riders in Moto 3, Moto 2 and now MotoGP winner Brad Binder. First being the ability to build the prototype RC16 in-house. Pit Beirer along with concerted efforts from race and R@D departments, Team Manger and test riders pulled the project from blank piece of paper to production of bike in 2019 which recently clinched 2nd spot of top speeds to present Round in 2020.

Second: The Brand’s unwavering commitment to use tubular steel framing for the bike’s chassis shut out past 4 decades of competitors conformist use of aluminum. As Pit Beirer states: ‘”We learnt how to build motorcycles with this material and we have the knowledge…Steel is three times [stronger] than aluminum, it allows us to build the chassis three times smaller in dimensions“‘. Add in fact running WP suspension counter to Ohlins, the company’s definitive solutions to gain edge on competition gained traction step by step.

Brad Binder MotoGP winner Round 3 Brno Photo Credit: KTM Press

No doubt, Dorna’s Concession to Brand’s entering MotoGP includes opportunities to test parts at race-weekends has been most beneficial for KTM Factory- yet the ability to make up 2 seconds soon became infinitely harder to close gap of tenths of a second when MotoGP top 20 riders are separated by one second.

Third: Pit Beirer emphatically believes supporting the growth and development of young talented riders fosters greater unity within the Brand. No more so than KTM’s commitment fostering riders within Red Bull Rookies Cup, leading to pathway of progression for riders entering Moto 3, Moto 2 and MotoGP.

Fourth: For sure, KTM has progressive mantra of ‘Ready to Race’ which takes many forms during analysis of data to increase bike performance. 2019 was no exception with open-minds bringing in fresh perspectives on improving bike handling on corner exists. It is THE most challenging of situations where plateau has been reached and still final tests need to show improved results.

Taking look in rear vision mirror over past 3 years, KTM Factory Racing has not only embraced each and every challenge to match, equal and surpass MotoGP competitors on the track but has achieved such success within parameters of the company’s principle: ‘to achieve success in our own way’.

MotoGP Round 6: Grand Prix of Styria, Red Bull Ring, August 23rd.

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