Kevin Schwantz: Food fights, filling the void & how rivalries changed | The Official MotoGP™ Podcast

Courtesy of MotoGP

Another MotoGP™ Legend! This week, we talk to 1993 500cc World Champion and fan favourite, Kevin Schwantz to discuss everything from his advice to young racers, filling the void in retirement and whether rivalry brings out a rider’s true potential.

Fresh from a socially distanced fishing trip, Kevin also gives some cracking anecdotes, demonstrating that even MotoGP™ Legends need to make sure they have all the protective gear even while out for a casual ride with their mates, as well as the story behind one of the biggest food fights the World Championship has ever seen. Stick around till the end as well to find out who Kevin wishes he had as a teammate during his career in the Kenwood Quickfire round!

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