Kay De Wolf Victorious At Dutch Masters of Motocross 125CC Opener – Jed Beaton Fourth in 250 Class

Courtesy of arno@motorpers.nl

Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna Factory racing enjoyed a very positive start to its Dutch Masters of Motocross campaign. Kay de Wolf brought victory to the team in the 125cc class, and went away with the early championship lead. Jed Beaton recovered from a bad start in the first 250cc heat to finish tenth, and improved on this with fifth in the second race. 

Kay de Wolf was in excellent form throughout the event on the challenging Oss track, and easily topped the qualifying sessions, both on Saturday and Sunday. A holeshot in the first race made his job look easy, and looked set for an inaugural victory. In the last corner of the final lap, the second placed rider made a desperate lunge, causing De Wolf to crash. He crossed the line in second position with a painful elbow and elbow, but after the winner was disqualified, he was promoted to first spot. The second race of the 125cc class was cancelled due to a number of factors and race incidents in other classes, which meant that Kay was also declared overall winner for the day.

Jed Beaton is still familiarizing himself with the tough sandy conditions so typical of Dutch Tracks, but he still qualified in eighth position. He was motivated to come out swinging in the first race, but two early crashes relegated him to playing catch up. He gave it his all, and recovered to tenth position, a good debut in a competitive class.

The second race was altogether better for Jed. He rode a steady race after a good start and finished fifth, which helped him towards a classification of fourth overall for the day, just off the podium.

Yentel martens flew the team standard in the 500cc class, and with race results of tenth and eighth in the heats respectively, he was ninth overall in the premier class.

The series continues at Axel on 5 may 2019. Overall Dutch Masters 250 Oss: 1 Henri Jacobi 50 Pnt 2 Jago Geerts 40 Pnt 3 Adam Sterry 31 Pnt 4 Jed Beaton 27 Pnt 5 Kade Walker 26 Pnt   Overall Dutch Masters 125cc in Oss: 1 Kay de Wolf 25 Pnt 2 Dave Kooiker 22 Pnt 3 Adam Kovacs 20 Pnt 4 Kay Karssemakers 18 Pnt 5 Hakon Osterhagen 16 Pnt

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