Inspirational ‘Way Of The Wildcard’ series returns with extraordinary athlete stories

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland / eyesprint

The three-part ‘Way Of The Wildcard’  series returns to Red Bull TV & travels from the depths of Amazon rainforest to mountains of the Himalayas and deserts of America, to shine a light on astonishing athletes who have beaten the odds and made a name for themselves. 

In episode one, British endurance cyclist James Golding tells his death-defying story of surviving cancer twice to being on the start line of one of the greatest endurance races in the world. In episode two, we discover the story of the Villegas twins as they rise from riding their BMX in Colombia to dreaming of Olympic glory. Episode three reveals the incredible story of Mira Rai, a girl from a remote village in the Himalayas who rewrites her future from rebel child soldier to one of the best ultra runners in the world.

By all accounts, James Golding should not be alive today. But everything he’s faced in life has given him an intense drive and ambition. An ambition which will see him take on one of the hardest cycling races in the world…

Identical twins, Queensaray and Liszurey Villegas were brought up in the Columbian jungle. Their family never had much but they were instilled with determination and a will to succeed. Their scrappy, make-do attitude has seen them go from flipping their bikes into a homemade foam pit to having the chance to represent their country and make their community proud as Olympic hopefuls.

Growing up in a traditional Nepalese mountain village, Mira Rai faces a life of working in the home and raising a family. But Mira is anything but traditional. Instead, she chooses to follow her own path, a path that leads her to becoming a symbol of hope when her country needs it most.

All three episodes are available to watch exclusively on Red Bull TV from today and soon be available on Red Bull’s YouTube channel. Way of the Wildcard is a Red Bull Media House series created in association with Just So and is available to watch exclusively on Red Bull TV.

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