Hendrickson switches downhill to uphill to seal Red Bull 400 win

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

American ski jumper edges nail-biting finish to win in Ironwood, Michigan.

As a ski jumper, Sarah Hendrickson has grown accustomed to going down ski ramps fast but now the American has proved to be equally adept at tackling them uphill.

The 24-year-old was crowned champion at the second-ever Red Bull 400 in Ironwood, Michigan, amid 1,000 athlete entries, some coming from as far afield as Australia and Malaysia for the 400-metre uphill race. Here is all you need to know:

– Hendrickson is a two-time Olympian in ski jumping, and is also a former world champion in the discipline. As part of her off-season and with the snow very much melted, she instead opted to tackle the uphill course, winning in a time of 6:13.4 ahead of Kristen Monahan, who was just two seconds behind her at the summit.

– Hendrickson said: “I’m stoked to win and to see the amazing community and atmosphere around a ski jump warms my heart. A lot of people in the States don’t know what ski jumping is and I am so excited that Red Bull puts on events to bring awareness to my sport, and it makes it even more exciting to win.”

– The men’s event was won by Red Bull 400 regular Miles Fink-Debray, who stopped the clock at an impressive 4:38.0.

– He said: “This is the coolest race. It’s been fun to have this as my focus right now and to come here and win is the best feeling in the world. I drew a lot of experience from last year’s race in Park City and I tried to conserve my energy and save everything for the finals. I just put my head down and never looked back.”

– The event was not just about the racing with Red Bull Air Force swooping in from overhead, skydiving their way to the starting line.


1st – Miles Fink-Debray, 31 (4:38.0) – Ketchum, ID
2nd – Matt Novakovich, 45 (4:51.9) – Anchorage, AK
3rd – Ian Torchia, 23 (5:04.6) – Marquette, MI


1st – Sarah Hendrickson, 24 (6:13.4) – Park City, UT
2nd – Kristen Monahan, 31 (6:15.1) – Houghton, MI
3rd – Kameron Burmeister, 23 (6:37.1) – Marquette, MI

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