Guggemos backflips over museum roof on wing of aircraft

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

German trials biker performs at night in Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer.

Trials rider Adrian Guggemos has always wanted to push the sport to the next level and the German stayed true to his word when he backflipped 10 metres over the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer roofs on the wing of a supersonic aircraft.

Here is all you need to know:

– Guggemos won his first trial championship at just eight years of age and has gone on to build a thrilling trick career as one of the world’s best freestyle and urban freeriding riders.

– For his latest project ‘Ride at the Museum’, the 26-year-old from Schorndorf travelled to the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer at night so he could unpack a wide range of his tricks.

– He pulled off wheelies, a frontflip through corridors and freestyle skills such as the 17-metre wide Whip Jump over the historic McDonnell-Douglas F-15 and a spectacular 10-metre backflip over the museum roofs on the wing of the supersonic Tupolev Tu-144.

– MotoGP rider Stefan Bradl, who has been riding as replacement for injured Marc Márquez in the 2020 championship, was on hand as the night watchman for Guggemos’ trademark “Trust Game” move.

– Guggemos, who also performed on the Antonov An-22 wide-bodied aircraft, explained: “The wind, the altitude and the Tupolev itself – that was something very special for me.”

– Compatriot Bradl, 30, added: “It was a dream to turn on the gas in the Eldorado of the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer.”

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