Godziek nails world first trick in unique backyard stunt

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Polish star lands cool backflip superman one hand seatgrab.

Slopestyle star Szymon Godziek dazzled audiences once again in 2017 with his unique style after nailing another world first trick.

Here is all you need to know:

– Along with the help of his crew, he transformed his backyard into a true paradise for flying mountain bike enthusiasts and the only venue of its kind in Poland.

– He performed a backflip in the superman position while holding the seat with only one hand after showcasing a spectacular backflip over the Tour de Pologne peloton on a road bike earlier in 2017.

– He revealed: “My favourite line includes a drop, a huge straight jump, a ‘whale tail’ which is a step up and down located on a container, finished off with a dirt quarter pipe featuring a wooden kicker. Especially for the biggest tricks, we’ve build a super kicker allowing for nine-meter flights or a foam pit landing.”

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