Freerunning / Ghost City / Alex Titarenko explores submerged town of Halfeti

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

2017 Red Bull Art of Motion champion takes his skills to remote Turkish town.

Ever since he stormed the freerunning scene with his shock 2017 Red Bull Art of Motion win, Ukrainian Alexander Titarenko has elevated the art of parkour with his latest project seeing him visit the famous underwater city of Halfeti. Here is all you need to know:

– Titarenko arrived in Oia, Santorini back in 2017 as a qualifier, however by the end of the event he went from being just an unknown guy in blue shorts to delivering a final run that set a new all-time high score of 415 points.

– At the time, he revealed: “I set off just hoping to make it through the qualifier and suddenly the whole world was congratulating me on getting the overall victory.”

– Two years on and the 25-year-old has got another chance to show his parkour prowess with a trip to Halfeti, a small Turkish town that was submerged in the 1990s as part of the sustainable Southeastern Anatolia Project which saw water rise from local dams and rivers.

– Titarenko starts his exploration by leaping from a boat onto a submerged building, then darts between the neglected buildings up crumbling walls and over roofs before ending his extraordinary show with a trip up the submerged minaret and dive down into the blue water.

– He said: “Our performance reflects the identity of the city by inhaling their atmosphere and becoming a part of their natural habitat. That was my goal at Halfeti. I was amazed by the unique historical structure, which greatly inspired me. I felt lucky to see this place in a very different way and strolled around the streets that very few people can access.”

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