Free climbing Madagascar’s daunting Mora Mora mountain

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Two climbers tackled the notoriously difficult ascent.

Professional rock climbers Sasha DiGiulian and Edu Marin successfully reached the peak of Mora Mora in 2017, with the aforementioned DiGiulian becoming the first woman in history to free-climb the 700-metre mountain.

Here’s all you need to know:

– The duo spent 26 days in the remote wilderness of Madagascar as they worked out the individual pitches of the route.

– The ascent took three days and was achieved with each climber hauling their own gear, food and water.

– By reaching the summit, DiGiulian not only became the first woman to free climb to the peak, but also just the second person in history to do so.

– The ascent was not without complications, with handholds of crystals that were smaller than shelled peanuts having to be used to tackle the treacherous mountain.

– Mora Mora was first tackled in 1999 by the pairing of Francisco Blanco and Toti Vales but the duo were unable to free climb it. It took until 2010 for Adam Ondra, of the Czech Republic, to become the first person to free climb the route.

– DiGuilan described the ascent, saying: “It’s like a dance. Every foot placement needed to be laser precise. You need to have patience in unlocking sequences and reading the rock, learning the style and trusting yourself.”

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