Extreme Kiteboarders Boost HUGE Airs at Red Bull King of the Air 2017

Courtesy of Red Bull

Red Bull King of The Air is the most prestigious big-air kiteboarding contest in the world. The event sees Cape Town’s Big Bay play host to an elite selection of the world’s best kiteboarders as they go head-to-head in a unique ‘flag out’ competition format. The competition has a two-week weather window, within which riders face-off only once conditions are perfect – a consistent south-easterly wind of over 30-knots and enough swell running from which to boost their mind-bending aerial manoeuvres. Their challenge – to master the elements and rule the sky, with the ultimate goal of being crowned king of the air.

0:00 “Borderline Distortion” by Limitless (Sounds of Red Bull): http://win.gs/2ll6pot

Check out more King of the Air action HERE: http://win.gs/KingoftheAir


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