Experience ‘Sound of Wake’ in Salzburg with Hernler

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Wakeboarder Dominik Hernler explores Mozart’s hometown from a fresh view.

From the mountains to the ‘Sound of Music’ filming locations, everyone has their own individual perspective of the Austrian city.

In ‘Sound of Wake’, Dominik Hernler explores Salzburg from his own standpoint – with a wakeboard strapped to his feet. Here is all you need to know: 

– From the Salzach river to the Great Festival House, the Austrian athlete navigates the local waters on his way to meet chief conductor Elisabeth Fuchs.

– The track used in the video comes from the the Red Bull Symphonic project featuring drum’n’bass stars Camo & Krooked and classic composer Christian Kolonovits.

– Hernler, 28, says: “The underlying idea of ‘Sound of Wake’ was to combine storytelling with wakeboarding, classical music, and the many history-steeped locations Salzburg has to offer. It was an enormous challenge for me and the whole team, but it was totally worth it. The movie is simply brilliant.”

– Besides getting the tricks and timing right, one of the main challenges was to find places to wakeboard that others would not even dream of.

– He adds: “What makes this particular project so special is that I selected locations that seem totally unsuitable for wakeboarding. And then we went for it. It was pretty cool, but see for yourselves!”

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