Downhill MTB Racing Highlights from Lourdes | UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2017

Courtesy of Red Bull

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup kicked off in style at the iconic French track, where the worlds best downhillers took to the trail in new jerseys, new bikes (29ers too…woah!) and a new fire to stand atop podiums world wide. Sit back and enjoy the raw sights and sounds of the finals in Lourdes, and be sure to catch the full race highlight on Red Bull TV!

Men’s results

1. Alexandre Fayolle 2m52.758s
2. Mark Wallace 2m56.084s
3. Marcelo Gutiérrez 2m56.199s
4. Florent Payet 2m56.556s
5. Connor Fearon 2m56.964s

Women’s results

1. Rachel Atherton 3m21.430s
2. Tracey Hannah 3m24.009s
3. Tahnee Seagrave 3m24.165s
4. Myriam Nicole 3m27.786s
5. Manon Carpenter 3m30.021s

Watch the full replay of UCI Lourdes on Red Bull TV:


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