Decoding Athletes with BMX flatlander Terry Adams

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland / eyesprint

“He came from nothing to become a legend”
Decoding Athletes Episode 9 with BMX flatlander Terry Adams

Photo credit: Long Nguyen / Red Bull Content Pool

Coming from a small town in Louisiana, where dirt tracks trumped paved roads and the only inspiration to BMX was a dude doing tricks at the local gas station, the likelihood of Terry Adams becoming a flatland legend was second to none. But he made it. Find out how a whole lot of grind got Terry to the top in the latest episode of Decoding Athletes with Matthias Dandois…

Listen to the full interview, here:

Some of Terry´s most interesting statements include:
“Visualisation is super powerful. Pretty much everything that I have built today comes from that”
“When I have a goal I write down the goal and underneath it write an action plan”
“In my mind I felt like I needed to be possessed to get really good”
“Everyone has a choice. They can either try to better themselves or stay at home and do the opposite”
“I am going just as hard today as I was 20 years ago. I never want it to end. I am having so much fun”
“I want him to see me win. I want him to see me loose. And I want him to see me work for it”
“You do what you want to do and that is what makes it freestyle”

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