Dario Costa – Biography

Courtesy of Red Bull Air Race Media Service

Dario Costa poses for a portrait in Niederoeblarn, Austria on August, 8th, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Mirja Geh / Red Bull Content Pool

Challenger Class Pilot
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: 9 May 1980
First Challenger Cup Race: 2018

Making his Challenger Class debut in 2018, Dario Costa is the first pilot to represent Italy in the Red Bull Air Race. It’s the latest milestone in a well-rounded career that combines championship-winning expertise in aerobatics with noted skills as a flight instructor and display pilot, as well as a manager and organizer of top-level aviation events.

Born in 1980, Costa grew up in Bologna, and he has been passionate about going airborne since his maiden flight as a one-year-old. He piloted solo at age 16 and graduated from an aviation high school, subsequently studying physics at university before working with an aviation engineering company in Africa. By 21, he was teaching aerodynamics and pilot theory courses.

After seeing the Red Bull Air Race in its inaugural year, 2003, Costa dreamed of becoming a pilot in the sport, and he took every opportunity to grow. Competition like winning the national Unlimited aerobatic title was just one step on his path. In 2010 he became Italy’s youngest professional aerobatic instructor, he’s an established commercial pilot, and he was also the Contest Director for the 26th World Aerobatic Championships. Since 2013 the versatile Italian has worked behind the scenes at the Red Bull Air Race as Flight Operations Manager and Development Pilot, involved in everything from running race airports to testing equipment, ferrying planes and taking photographers aloft. In 2017 Costa was named to the elite Flying Bulls team, piloting aerobatic display flights, both solo and in formation.

In all, Costa has taught over 2,000 hours and piloted more than 4,500 hours – over half while performing aerobatics – in more than 50 airplane models. He’s eager to add racing at high speed and low altitude to his skillset.

“From the time I was little, I wanted to become a racing-car driver and pilot fast jets, and Red Bull Air Race is a combination of the two, the new dimension of motorsport,” Costa says. “This has somehow been part of me since I was born, and I have been working hard for it in all aspects of aviation since the first time I saw the sport. I’m going to make the most of this opportunity, and it also means a lot personally to be the first to fly for Italy.”


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