Crazy Helicopter Skills In The Best Rally Places | WRC 2019

Courtesy of Red Bull Motorsports

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The World Rally Championship is known for producing one of the most astonishing pictures to cover this unique motorsport event series. And it mostly relies on the impressive skills deployed in the cockpit of the follow heli, where pilot and camera operator are working like driver and co-driver to provide the best shots. You better not suffer any motion sickness to take that job! High speed and sharp angles will make the focus of the camera become a singular rollercoaster video game, with a quite sensitive joystick to play with. The talent of this helicopter duet makes us able to enjoy the best rally footage, and cover the most incredible locations. Here’s a pick of some of the best shots of the season, as we’re heading into Rally Turkey 2019. Enjoy, and watch WRC Rally Turkey on Red Bull TV 👉

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