BMX Stars create stunning bike park made of mirrors

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

BMX stars unleash cool tricks in dazzling Mirror Park project.

In echoes of a futuristic spaceship, BMX riders Courage Adams and Paul Thölen unleashed their array of dazzling tricks on a bike park made of mirrors back in August 2017.

Here is all you need to know:

– Mirror Park was one year in the making, a visually spectacular backdrop to the duo’s stunts with a tailor-made bike park completely covered in mirrors.

– In an invasion of the senses with the reflective effect, Spanish rider Adams and German rider Thölen performed a myriad of cool tricks on the course.

– Akin to a mirage, the bike park was set up near Pamplona, Spain, home of the notorious bull run each year, and had a dizzying effect on the two riders.

– Adams revealed: “It looks like a spacecraft. It’s a real challenge which has enabled me to see my limits and evolve a lot, improve my self-control and my actions in the street, and keep me motivated. I’ve learned there are no limits in BMX, just the ones you create.”

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