Avrie Berry- 3 Women MX Championships- 2 Titles in one year- congratulations!

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

America’s Avrie Berry has completed heck of challenging year racing 3 Women MX Championships, winning 2 Titles in Canada and completing WMX Rounds 1-4 with best finish of 12th in WMX Opening Round at Valkenswaard in March.

Avrie Berry West Coast MX Women’s Champion Photo Credit: Manluk Racing Team

Having made deliberate decision to gain as much race-time as possible, the determined 19 year old remained committed to long-time goal of racing and gaining improved race results in WMX Championship Series 2019, along with competing in 2 National Women’s MX Championships in Canada- where Berry won both.

With stand-out achievements of nailing 2 WMX Titles, Avrie put herself under physical and logistical pressure to race in 2 continents, under 2 different Teams, navigating time zones all the while maintaining solid preparation to race.

As Avrie explains: ‘I’ve travelled more this year than I ever have before. I had a lot of good experiences this year racing in so many countries and I learned a lot. It was fun but very tiring so I am not sure if I will race two series at the same time again’.

Having raced in North America’s National MX Championship Series: Triple Crown Women’s Arena Cross and Women’s West MX Nationals, Avrie knows for certain where the ramped competition lies.

#36: ‘The WMX series in MXGP is as high as the level gets for women. All of the racers take it very seriously and you can see that by how the level gets even higher each year’.

Currently standing 15th Overall, Avrie takes stock on where her priority will be heading into 2020. Not just re-fining her race-craft from knowledge gained racing 3 WMX Series in ‘019, but also stream-lining time management to achieve best possible results for long-term goals.

Avrie Berry signs with CreyMert Racing 2020 Photo Credit: GateDrop

#36: ‘This year I learnt a lot. I think racing back home and in Europe was a good experience but the travelling was very hard on my body. It feels good to have a Canadian Championship but next year my priority will be set more on the World Championship’.

‘I got mono at the beginning of the year and with all the travelling I wasn’t able to rest so my season in Europe was well below my expectations. It’s all part of the process, you live and learn’.

And it doesn’t stop there. Berry has just recently signed with CreyMert Racing for 2020 which will no doubt change Berry’s level of expectation yet again, come the Opening WMX Round next season.

#36: ‘Yeah I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to race 3 series in one year but next year I will be focusing on the MXGP series. I am very excited because I just joined the Creymert Racing Team and I will finally be on a professional team with a professional environment. I’m looking forward to 2020 to see what ground I can make up after not being 100% healthy this season’.

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