The Ancient Practice of Mongolian Eagle Hunting | The Red Bulletin Presents

Courtesy of Red Bull

Entrepreneur Sam Cossman believes technoology has the potential to help us better undersyand the most extreme places on our planed. But when we sent him to Mongolia to train with an Eagle Master, he found technology no match for ancient knowledge.

During the harsh Mongolian winter — when humans are most challenged in the steppes — Eagle Master Kairatkhan’s golden eagles are the source of sustenance. The arctic foxes and small animals they kill provide meat and the fur that clothes him and his family. And it’s precisely that line between life and death that prompted filmmaker, explorer and start-up veteran Sam Cossman, to fly thousands of miles to spend Christmas in an adobe hut in subzero temperatures. Sit back and dive into the fascinating world of the Mongolian Eagle Hunter, and click the link below to read the full feature on The Red Bulletin!

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