2020 Partnership Book and Metric Dashboard

Courtesy of AFT – American Flat Track

As we approach the close of another thrilling season for American Flat Track, we are excited to begin to tell the story about the growth and expansion of our series for 2020.

In the years since 2015 we have risen from 193,000 total season fans (event ticket buyers and FansChoice.tv viewers) to averaging over 300,000 viewers for each event in 2019. We are enjoying an era of rapid growth: more manufacturers competing, more sponsors and supporters becoming involved and a rapidly growing digital audience of highly-engaged fans all cheering on the athletes of American Flat Track.

Our viewership and fanbase isn’t just expanding, it’s also becoming more diverse. As we continue to expand our digital offerings and engage with international audiences, a new  demographic of young, enthusiastic fans have begun to engage with the sport via social media and live streaming.

As we have in seasons prior, we invite you to download and review our 2020 Partnership Book and 2019 Metric Dashboard report. These assets, downloadable via the links below, help shed light on the growth and health of our sport, which is measurable by the size and makeup of the audience we reach and entertain.

Heading into 2020, we are set to embark on another period of rapid growth with the launch of AFT SuperTwins and exciting growth initiatives planned in the areas of broadcast and event promotion. My hope is that the documents linked below will inspire everyone in our community to continue the hard – and fun – work that will make 2020 and beyond even better for everyone – paddock, OEMs, sponsors and AFT fans alike.

Thank you all for your contributions and support for the sport,

View the AFT Partnership Book

View the AFT Metric Dashboard

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